Memory Care

Intimate care of a loved one

Caring and kindness are constants in every Mercy Circle setting, but take on a special meaning for everyone in our memory care wing. Here, residents experience the benefits of working with our specially-trained and understanding staff. We are prepared to help with cognitive challenges on an individual basis.

Baggot Street—named for the street in Dublin where Catherine McAuley, founder of the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas, opened the first House of Mercy—is a symbol of Mercy Circle’s legacy.

For our memory care residents, this is a place of familiarity, community and support. Through color-coded decorations, spiritual quotations and other cues we prompt and assist residents’ ability to maintain mental agility.

Interaction with nature in our secure garden, and nurturing birds and fish are part of a larger program that we provide to keep residents engaged and socially connected.

Just as we attend to residents’ physical, mental and emotional well-being, at Baggot Street every resident helps one another through inclusion and friendship.

Challenges with memory require constant renewal and re-learning, and so our residences in Baggot Street are easy-to-navigate suites, each with a full bathroom built for easy accessibility and, above all, safety.

Would your loved one flourish at Baggot Street?


My friend rarely talked before the Baggot Street program. Now she enjoys the garden in a little courtyard. She started talking to me just the other day. What an inspiration she is!

Sister Ellen Marie Ryan, RSM

Retired music teacher, Mother McAuley High School